Stage Electric chain hoist

The Electric Chain Hoist is a light and small lifting…

The Electric Chain Hoist is a light and small lifting device. It mainly consists of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. The internal gears are all quenched by high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gears.


Capacity(t): 0.5~2

Lifting height(m): 20

Lifting speed(m/min ): 2.8~6

Power(KW): 0.4~1.1

No. Of chain:1

Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc.


The stage electric chain hoist is suitable for professional stage lighting and sound. It shows that the optional installation inversion project or high altitude operation is applicable, and it is widely used, compact lifting design, light weight, and single stage is easy to obtain on the basis of power supply, and it is easy to obtain, and it is labor-saving. Time saving and high efficiency.

Motion system:

  1. Imported stage chain chain electric hoist adopts industrial grade high efficiency series wound carbon brush motor.
  2. The imported stage chain sound can be used for two types of selection, single-phase voltage.
  3. The high temperature resistance of the enameled wire can reach 180 ℃, which is specially designed for long-term improvement purposes.

Brake system:

  1. equipped with double brake system: mechanical braking and ratchet gear short circuit electric positive braking controller.
  2. it is used for brake with high friction coefficient and Li Ning dipped in oil and copper blade for disc brake, and it is not necessary to adjust at all.
  3. when there is power failure or disconnection, timely start braking and stop, and the safety is perfect and high service life.

Electrical control system:

  1. based on the direct control system, it simplifies the complex wiring, which is easy to maintain and maintain, and the failure rate is low, which is safe and stable.
  2. the control switch and power cord are detachable quick connectors, which are easy to carry and have no trouble wire twisting.

Chain specification:

  1. The famous chain, which is made by the forward error correction company imported from Japan, is used to produce the whole world.
  2. The chain is made of alloy steel, Grade 80 and 3 safety factors.

Gear system:

  1. drive system and planetary gear with the most efficient.
  2. planetary gear system is based on the heat treatment of 2 running wheels made of alloy steel, sharing power, and the life is more than twice as long as the traditional transmission.

Main frame:

  1. lift from 4.5mm high strength steel plate support frame.
  2. the application of electrical coating has good rust resistance. The serious environmental temperature under good operation is from 15 ℃ to 65 ℃ above zero.

Housing Department:

  1. the automobile body shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and then adopts computer numerical control lathe, which has high precision and smooth rotor operation.
  2. gearbox is made of aluminum alloy body die casting, and then it adopts computer numerical control lathe, high precision and wide range noise.
  3. it is completely sealed and the waterproof grade reaches 65 intellectual property rights.
  4. the car grade powder is not coated, and the appearance of the gourd is beautiful.
  5. compact structure, effective increase on lower suspension distance.

Technical Data

Performance parameter table

Type Capacity


Lifting height (m) Lifting speed (m/min ) Power (kw) No. Of chain Chain dia. (mm)
HHD-110.5A 0.5 20 4.2 0.4 1 6*18
HHD-110.5B 0.5 20 6 0.4 1 6*18
HHD-111A 1 20 3.5 0.8 1 8*24
HHD-111B 1 20 5 0.8 1 8*24
HHD-112A 2 20 2.8 1.1 1 10*30
HHD-112B 2 20 4 1.1 1 10*30
Type Capacity


Lifting height (m) Power (kw) Lifting speed (m/min ) Motor insulation class Work voltage Hand control voltage No. Of chain Chain dia. (mm)
SSHL0.25-01M 0.25T 9.2 0.56 1440 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 4.0
SSHL0.5-01M 0.5T 8.3 0.9 1440 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 6.3
SSHL01-01M 1T 6.3 1.5 1400 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 7.1
SSHL02-01M 2T 6.9 3.0 1400 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 10.0


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