Single and double girder suspension crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane is a kind of very popular…

Single Girder Overhead Crane is a kind of very popular lifting equipment in industry. It mainly consists of single main beams, end beams, hoist, electrical parts and other components.


Design standard:FEM,DIN



Single and double girder suspension crane


The single and double girder cranes can be directly installed on the roof structure of the existing plant, no longer need to be brittle, customers can save space and reduce costs, and use all the plant space for production. This crane series vehicle has a small operating plate limit, and heavy objects can be lifted to a position very close to the wall of the factory building. The open end can pass through the end boom, so that the traveling range of the trolley is lower than the hoof distance of the crane. The  crane has a maximum tonnage of 10 tons, a maximum span of 24 meters, a double beam county crane, and a maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons. Product features 1.  Stability

(1) Rigid beam can optimize load distribution

(2) The optimized design of the end beam is suitable for the plant structure

(3) Due to the unique design of the F-end beam, the limit size of the hook is small, and the load can be quickly lifted to the cover that is very close to the wall of the house. (4) Standard rigid characters can be used to optimize the load distribution 2. Individuality Configuration

(1) By using the extended boom, the trolley can travel beyond the crane cross-road. (2) If necessary, it can be used in a specific area of ​​the workshop. (3) If the interlocking cover is added, the trolley can go back and forth. Between the main beam of the crane and the monorail crane.

  1. Equipment options

We provide diversified equipment options to enable general cranes to meet the different application requirements of customers (1) The flashlight door can automatically adjust the lifting height, which helps the spreader () is controlled by the flashlight door switch (3) is equipped with proportional Button two-way radio control panel control (4) smooth start, anti-sway

(5) The end beam equipped with horizontal guide wheels can prevent heavy objects from deviating and avoid lateral force on the crane track. (6) Limit switches or rope loose relays can protect the electric hoist and heavy objects from damage (door bypass The control system prevents collisions when there are obstacles along the track of the trolley

(8) Anti-collision protection and crane distance controller can ensure the safe operation of multiple cranes on the same track. (9) A crane equipped with two trolleys can transport long and heavy objects. A complete range of spreaders can meet various requirements. demand.

Technical Data

Technical Parameter of AQ-HD European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane
Capacity(t) Span(m) Lifting height(m) Lifting speed Trolley speed Crane speed Work duty
(m/min) (m/min) (m/min)
1 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 A5
2 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 A5
3.2 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 A5
5 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 A5
10 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 A5
12.5 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 A5
16 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 A5
20 7.5~28.5 6~18 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 A5
The specific parameters should be consulted with the manufacturer
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