KCD Electric Winch

Electric Winch is mainly used for hoisting material and dragging…

Electric Winch is mainly used for hoisting material and dragging heavy objects or as the main lifting device of a crane. It is special lifting winch for derrick, gantry and lifting trolley.

Lifting Capacity(KG): 0-10

Lifting Height(M): 1-100

Power: 220v/380v/440v 50/60hz

Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc.


KCD electric winch


product manual:

KCD electric passenger lifter (only called winch) is a device that drives the drum and winds the rope by mechanical power to complete the traction work. It can be lifted upright, and pulled heavy objects horizontally or tilted. The electric winch is composed of a motor, a coupling, a brake, a gear box and a reel, which are installed on the frame. It can be connected with wire rope, electric control box, handcart switch, hook, and wireless remote control.

Scope of application:

Suitable for residential buildings. Lifting ash bricks, digging wells and lifting soil, cargo yard warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops and small factories and mines, can be moved at any angle, hoisted, and unloaded. It is currently the most ideal small-scale lifting tool in China.

Technical Data

Model DT-1T DT-2T DT-3T DT-5T DT-10T
Capacity 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T
Lifting height (m) 1-100
Lifting speed (m/min) 16/8 16/8 16/8 16/8 14/7
Dia wire rope (mm) 7.7 11 13 15.5 19.5
Voltage 380V  50HZ
Input power(KW) 1.5 3 4.5 7.5 13
Net weight(kg) 85 140 178 258 650


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